Sunday, December 27, 2009

1, 2, bag up my quilts, 3...

3 bags are a good start, believe me I could bag up more but it seems a little daunting right now.  I totally rearranged my sewing room - it all started because the cutting table was preventing me from taking pictures of the design wall staight on - next thing you know I've got my husband up here moving all the tables and furniture, forced some more organization though!
My projects in my January bag, that will be my Charming Girls January goals are:

1. Cut 162 10" squares for my Jingles rag quilt. (my first post)
2. Xavier's Dinosaur Courthouse Steps; finish blocks,
3. Add borders, send for quilting (reserve some time for me Carol : )

4. Start on the second quilt for my friend Nancy.  I made one for her brother last Christmas and I have all the strips and squares cut for piecing, I just need to cut the 5" squares for the HST from her mom's clothing and start working on that.  My January goal will be complete the HST and
5. The blue and white 4-patchs - there are over 200 of those (now I'm tired).  Below is the completed quilt and the strips cut for the second one.

6.  Cut and sew yo-yo's from Blossom yardage by Urban Chicks.  I have a Blossom charm pack and I don't like the yardage so much, but it is all circles so why not yo-yo's?
7. Sew charms quilt center.  Then I will add borders to applique vines and the yo-yo's but not in January!  I like change too much, gotta keep things mixed up.  Kelly - no counting the borders for January!!!

8. Block two from 2008, yes 2008 geez, Mystery quilt.  At least I will get it done.

And that's all so I don't end up like this:


  1. No wonder you are pulling your hair in frustration...that is a lot of goals! I have no doubt that you will get them all done in time!

  2. Awesome! Where did you end up finding the bags? Great goals and great projects too. That's good about getting your sewing room organized too.

  3. What great projects you have to work on! That dinosaur quilt looks really cute - my Jimmy would like that! :o)
    I look forward to seeing your progress! You can do it! :o)

  4. have a lot of plans for the upcoming month! Now, I'm hoping I have the right Kate because I received a beautiful Charming Girls Christmas gift in the mail when I returned home from Vermont and I want to thank you properly for the wonderful gifts! Let me know... :o)

  5. I'm so impressed! I wish I was as structured as you; I have already cluttered up the dining room table again after painstakingly cleaning it before the holidays...

  6. You crack me up, Kate -- love that picture at the end of your post--it looks so familiar (LOL)! My gosh, I can see why you're busy already -- so much to do! You're a girl after my own heart - big aspirations! YOU SEW KATE!!!!