Friday, January 1, 2010

First Projects of the New Year

From my January project bag I cut out all the circles from the Bloom yardage.  I took them with me as we drove to our daughter's house in Fort Collins (about 50 mi north of us) for New Year's Eve dinner and games.

I made seven yo-yos but I had to rip out the first two.  The center wasn't closing up tightly and I realized that with the circles measuring 6.5 inches in diameter I was making my running stitich too small and it was creating too many gathers.  Once I increased the size of the stitch the center came together nicely. 

First thing today I recovered my tabletop pressing mat.  After almost 20 years it is not so crisp and white anymore.  I slipcoverd a fresh yellow gingham all ready for the New Year and lots of pressing.

Next came sashing strips for a lap quilt I am making for the living room.

These are 9" blocks - I don't remember the line but I bet Carol knows, do you remember these Carol?  I have one vetical row down, I need to join the other three and then the sashing and the center will be complete.


  1. I like your quilt and your blog! Never have I made yo-yos but they sure are cute!

  2. WOW what a great start to the New Year! Go sew girl!

  3. Very, very nice start - love the yo-yos! Your quilt with the large blocks and sashing is going to be fabulous.

  4. Oh Kate -- you've been a busy girl! Very cute projects -- is the fabric Cornucopia by Fig Tree?? Hope you had a great time on New Years! Looking forward to seeing all of your projects in 2010!

  5. I don't recall the fabric line, but I do like it and the pattern you used.

  6. Wow, I love your blog already! Blogging is really fun. It seemed like yesterday when I started and look, it's one year on and I'm still loving it! Thanks for visiting my blog and follow me. I have signed-in to follow your too. Good luck with my giveaway. I will post about the winner tomorrow so please come back and check it out? Hugs Nat