Saturday, January 9, 2010

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I was excited to fly to Iowa this past Tuesday to help my daughter move back to Colorado.  Her husband drove the truck to Colorado on Monday and I was helping Elena get her car and her baby back.  We were at the border of Iowa/Nebraska Wednesday about noon, driving slowly in blowing snow.  We were travelling about 35 mph.  The semi in front of us was not going that fast and started to slow, we had plenty of room to brake  but with extremely limited visibility the problem was the traffic behind us.  Jesus totally protected us.

Vehicles were just coming one after another.  We were behind the 'England' semi, the 'Air Ride' above came up in the left lane.  The white pickup above swerved to the left to avoid the 'Air Ride' behind them and in our lane is the blazer pictured just ahead of the pickup.  Driven by a young man he was trying to stop and avoid the other cars he hit us on the left, rear fender, knocked us another car length closer to 'England' - another semi was coming up behind him and swerved and went right between 'Air Ride' and white pickup, missing the blazer.  You can see the people above walking in the semi's tracks where he had only inches to clear the vehicles.  It all happened so fast, the baby was crying from blazer hitting us.  No one was hurt, but our biggest concern was the traffic still behind us.  I was praying and trying to think what to do if the next semi coming couldn't stop.  If we didn't move we would be sandwiched between the two trucks, maybe if we went to the right it would help, what if he veered to the right?  I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me not to move, I thought of the verse, 'stand still and see the deliverance of your God' and remarkably the traffic behind did stop well behind us.  The hit from the blazer caused only minor fender damage and an hour 40 minutes later we were finally moving and went to the next town, 1 mile down the road, and got off the highway till the next day.  Even Thursday we could only make it part way into Nebraska and had to wait until Friday morning to continue to Colorado.
Just glad to be home.


  1. That's very scary, I'm so happy that all of you are safely home. And good that there was only minor damage to the car.

  2. God was definately watching over you all! I am so glad you are home safe and sound now.

  3. OMGosh, Kate! I'm so glad to hear that you were all okay. God is good - so thankful he was watching over all of you.