Saturday, December 26, 2009

Moving Toward New Year

Part of my 'end of year' routine is to get my new calendar ready for the coming year.  I take down the current year, get the new calendar, the school calendar (no kids at home but my husband is a teacher), my work holiday calendar, colored sharpies, and some stamping supplies.
I start with January of the current year and mark all the January birthdays and anniversaries for the coming year.  I pick a stamp for birthdays, one for anniversaries and use those with a different color ink for each month.  Then I mark the name (s) and for grandchildren, neices, nephews, etc. I write their age.  I note the year for each anniversary.  I mark all work and school holidays and my husband's conferences.  If I know the dates of vacations I mark them.  As I look through the current year calendar it is fun to read all the family get togethers, coffee with friends, vet visits, band concerts, football games - all the stuff of life that fill the calendar. 
Then for those who are not near me I make a small note when to shop each birthday based on when my paydays occur, the date to mail a box or card.
It is a fun ritual for me.
Next week I will work on my 2010 quilting projects


  1. Nice Calendars and what a great idea for the stamps and vacations. Happy New Year.

  2. That is such a great idea. And it only takes a few minutes of time, but you have organized for your whole year. Thanks for sharing.