Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Memories

Kelly at Charming Chatter has posted a Christmas Memories Giveaway.  Kelly, this is for you...
My favorite Christmas is always the one about to happen.  2007 was the year my daughter and her family were in New Zealand for an 8-month working vacation - we had Christmas memories made via web cams - the happy part of that was them coming back.  But I did want to make it special for my grandsons so they got quilts from Nana.   Chandler, on the left, was my design and had leaves quilted in an all over design.  Corbin's quilt, on the right, had his favorite - Orcas.  I made the orca design on a 5' x 5' piece of newsprint and appliqued the pieces.  I couldn't finish before they had to leave.  They went from Colorado to Minnesota (where my son-in-law is from) and Corbin's other grandma, pictured helping hold the quilts for pictures, finished the quilt by doing the quilting and binding.  She also entered in a quilt show there.

Christmas 2008 and they're back home - they've grown so much in a year - and another Christmas almost here for more memories - I love my family.


  1. I remember that Orca quilt, it's so awesome. I remember you had the squares on your design wall and some fell off and your husband thinking he was helping put them back on. You didn't notice and started sewing them together and realized they were in the wrong place. The other thing I remember is when Corbin was with his other grandma picking out fabric for the border and she asked him what fabric he wanted. He replied "it depends on if we are talking inner border or outer border". Your grandson's will always treasure those quilts.

  2. I do remember that now, 'inner border or outer border' they are so cute. And I had forgotten about Chuck vacuuming and blowing the squares off the wall. : D

  3. Oh Kate -- what pretty quilts! And, how neat that you design--very creative. I can see why your grandsons love them, and I'm glad to hear they are back home this year. Thanks so much for playing along, and for sharing! I do have some questions about your peeking--see Carol's post (giggle)!