Monday, December 20, 2010

One Hour Christmas Gift

Caution: these are so fast and fun you'll make a bunch!
Kleenex boxes are just a necessesity to have out - but how fun if they would also add to the decor!  This takes just one fat quarter and a yard of ribbon - and viola!  And since we're just covering a Kleenex box it can be inexpensive fabric.
Start by laying out your FQ to 11x22 inches, right sides together.  Make two cuts to so the folded fabric measures 9.25 x 15.5 inches [18.5 x 15.5 flat]

Stitch a 1/4 inch seam down the long side.  Center the seam to the back and press.

Cut out the corner on each side by measuring up from the bottom 2.25 inches and in from the side 2 inches. 
Mark and cut.

This will leave the bottom measuring 5 inches across.
Sew 1/4 inche across the bottom. Then rotate and match the notched sides and sew at 1/4 inch.

I tried a second method of sewing across the bottom and marking to sew and cut off the corners to yield the same as above - it didn't save me any time - but try it if you like.

Next fold back to the original seam orientation and measure for ribbon opening.  On the fold measure down from the top 5.5 inches and in from the side 1/2 inch, mark.

Using a standard paper punch; punch through both layers.  Unless your punch is very sharp you may need to finish the cut with a scissor.

When my sister Carol and I first worked to develop this pattern based on receiving one as a gift we finished the opening with colorful little rivets (lots of extra time) just to have them come out when the ribbon was tied.  Once you have a bow in the cozy you don't even see the opening.
Next turn down a 3 inch cuff.

Stitch the edge down.  I stitch the first seam with the turned cuff facing out.

And the second with the front side of the cozy facing up - I like to see the seam in relationship to the punched opening.
With a safety pin thread your ribbon through the channel created.  Open your Kleenex cube and pull up a tissue.

Tie the first part of your knot to cinch the opening leaving enough room to easily pull out the Kleenex, distribute the gathers and finish the bow.

Now, even you need a hostess gift tonight you can bring a unique, Christmas-y gift.  And so easy to make a style and color to match any home.

I also make these for nurseries - cute baby shower gift to round out the layette, especially if you're matching that baby blanket or quilt you made.
Or for that hard to match bathroom decor - I could never find a Kleenex box to match my bathroom.

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