Monday, December 13, 2010

No Sew Monday

What do you mean no sewing?

No sewing machine, no sewing.

Aughhh!  What happened to her?!?

Not to worry, she has gone in for yearly maintenance, just did it earlier this year.  She'll be back tomorrow.

Oh, that makes me feel better.  What will we do without her?

We will box up some of the gifts we completed before she left, potholders and a coordinating dishtowel for Crista, the oldest daughter, more blue on her set.

More potholders and a towel for Elena, the younger daughter, more green in her set.

And get ready for baking gingerbread cookies, yum!

Let's go before Chicken hides my cloves again, bad Chicken.


  1. How adorably cute!! I'm hopping over from Holly Jolly Bingo blog roll :) ... Not doing too well there, but discovered a winner here! Merry Christmas and can't wait to come back to see what you come up with next :)

  2. I hopped over from Holly Jolly Bingo page...hope your machine gets back soon.I became a follower..hope you check out my blog & decide to follow it.