Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Working on Potholders

Well, Carol made me do it!  Sorta.  I really want to make some for Christmas but not necessarily Christmas fabric.  This blue fabric will nice for me older daughter, Carol will have to comment on which fabric it is. I used 4 charms and made 4-patches.  Then altrnated with a full charm, used a brown for the backing, Insulbrite to line them and did some simple quilting.

A word to the wise - I thought, well it's a potholder I will machine stitch the binding to the back - a technique I have never liked.  So tonight while watching TV I will rip it out and hand sew it down, I don't want to go this far and not like the finish.


  1. Your pot holders are so cute! The fabric is Bistro. I don't mind hand sewing binding so I never even considered sewing it by machine. Too bad about the ripping out, thats not fun. Your daughter is going to love this gift.

  2. I have done the same thing...I can't stand the look of my machine binding. I enjoy the hand binding part anyway.

  3. Very nice pot holders. I get fed up with the ripping out bit, but when it's all done and dusted, there is a tremendous satisfaction of a job well done. :0)