Saturday, November 27, 2010

Birthday Month Continues

I'm nearing the end of my birthday month celebration - less pressure for everyone when there is a whole month to fit in the celebration. : )
Today my youngest sister took me out for coffee and gave me a 'coffee present'

It's a cute Keurig mini - perfect since I am the sole coffee drinker in my house.  I think it would be great to have in my office at work, but we have a free espresso bar so it would be superfluous there.  My daughter suggested keeping it by my bed - my husband wouldn't have to bring me coffee in the morning.  I kinda like my husband bringing me coffee. 


  1. That's a cute little coffee maker. Fun to have the birthday celebration go on and on for a while. Does your hubby's bring you coffee in bed?

  2. Please excuse the plural on hubby in my last post, mu iPad like to change my words.

  3. See, it did it again, dang.